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Chin Chin

Lots happening, with a mail-out today for Soul Survivor, our first I think. Its cool to be slowly spreading the news about this great movement (if I say so myself!) There is a novelty factor about this mail-out I am sure we will laugh at down the track. It truly is monotonous boring work.

Tomorrow night we have a "Soak" service at blueprint which I am already looking forward to. Extended un-rushed time spent in contemplation, silence, reflection on scripture, dwelling on and taking of communion, and some music worship, and some weird hippy worship.

Its then off to Hamilton on Friday to visit some youth workers, and do a youth alpha training day, before coming back on Sunday to be a part of a "different" night at All Saint church. Poster below. There is a lot happening... its a privilege to be able to charge around so much and spend time with so many inspiring people. In the midst of it all I cant wait for a couple of days off to recover mind and spirit, and I feel like my private world with Jesus gets squeezed out a bit.

Some interesting reflections already here on this night "discussing" alcohol. In part my invitation to share my perspective came from this post. I can already hear the cry "we are majoring on the minors"... well I think you may be surprised. It looks set to be an entertaining evening. Swing past if you are round Wellington way and enjoy the biffo between the moderation guy and the abstaining guy.

(Said with an English accent). And then I said to him, I said "Lets get out of these wet clothes in to a dry martini" Hahahahahaha

“Chin Chin”

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