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To Continue the Celebrity Lookalike thingee


“To Continue the Celebrity Lookalike thingee”

  1. Anonymous Naomi Says:

    Hahahha! Puh-leeze! I still did one though. Eminem 76 %. Go figure.

    okmfo - this one was too good not to share

  2. Blogger Lisa Says:

    LOL i actually agree with Golda Meir ... but I think Gwen Stefani is really a bit of a push Sam!

  3. Blogger Dave Wells Says:

    Whatever Sam, you look like Newsboy, and he looks like a pansy and you are a pansy so it is an all round good match!

  4. Blogger the kyle Says:

    Bro I tried a serious version of my face and I got William Moseley 78% (that Peter kid from the new Chronicles of Narnia movie)! LOL.

    Also worth the note is Jim Carey 72%. Awesome.