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Nelson Love

Im in Nelson for a youth alpha training day tomorrow. Its being a great day hanging some very cool people. Firstly, Michael Treston who is the chief wugga wuugga for the Nelson Anglican Youth scene, and a great guy. Its cool sitting down with different folk who have being cranking out youth work for so long, and we shared some similar observations about youth work and churchy stuff. Very cool yarns. And then a guy called Ken Williams who has absolutely blown me away with the yarn about his Presbyterian church which is celebrating there fiftieth birthday. Now before you start yawning and those religious start manifesting - check this out. To celebrate they have decided to GIVE AWAY fifty thousand dollars to mission and the poor. How cool is that??? SO far they have raised 33 of the 50 grand and are on track to have it tied up by labour weekend. A little pressy church in Blenheim showing the world what is possible... except they arent doing this to show the world... which is why I have to blog about it.
And finally Im staying with Phil and Greta Greenwood who do youth work at St Barnabas church in Nelson and are great fun to hang out with, along with their two gromies who are very wild.

Ive said it once, I will say it a thousand more times. Youth Workers are the best bunch of people to spend time with, and its my incredible privledge to get to spend time with so many of them.

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“Nelson Love”