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Fuse 07 Queens Birthday Weekend

Its exciting to be a part of the team organising "Fuse" a new event coming to replace CTC. So what you got??? Auditions for the event are still being held around the place. Check out the Fuse website to work out where to audition. Here is the promo dvd made by Mr Galloway, and click here if you want to stick it on your blog or website to help spread the word.

I was the emcee for the Wellington Heats, and I was completely and utterly bown away yet again with how gifted young people are. The dancing, songs, art, and the creativity crammed into each expression. A highlight on Saturday would have to be "kreafly" a crazy emo screamo metal band who were followed by "straight blessed" a bunch of gangsta (quite literally) new Christians performing their original rap tracks for the first time ever live, And it was all world class. Followed by someone doing some ballet. Very very cool mix of acts. And that isnt even mentioning the art, and photography and the soap box, b boy and b girls comps etc etc.

Go NZ Young people for being the most creative crew in the world...

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“Fuse 07 Queens Birthday Weekend”