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Dorkland Update

A couple of updates:

Firstly, my blog has gone from a lada, to a formula one race car thanks to the talents of Chris Darnell. Sweeeeet.

Secondly, Naomi will be happy to know that we now have rabbit skins. We took out the golf cart last night, and went hunting, shooting three rabbits.... with flippin air rifles. Awesome times, we were having so much fun that before you knew it, it was four in the morning.

Thirdly, I took the holiday hat off, and put on the Soul Survivor hat today, enjoying some great chats with Rich from St Pauls, a top bloke who totally understands the Soul Survivor DNA inside out, it felt like talking to an old mate. Then with Andrew Robinson from Tear Fund. I have high hopes that SS and Tear Fund will form an ongoing friendship, Andrew is a top bloke.

And lastly I met with Mark Strom the principal of BCNZ, and a bit of a hero of mine. He made a statement the middle of last year at a Hui I was at that has profoundly shifted my relationship with Jesus... "From guilt and fear to grace and freedom". Will have to post at a later time about how this has changed me.
It was very cool chatting to the guy, but I got to the end of our time and realized that I had done a classic Harvey. Basically I harped on talking about Soul Survivor etc, but when hanging with a guy like Mark Strom, as well as a general rule of thumb, I need to learn to ask more questions, and to work a lot harder on my listening skills. The dude has a lot of wisdom buzzing around in that head of his, and on the drive home I reflected that I really could have learnt a whole lot more. I am a wee bit gutted about my poor form on that conversation to be honest. What a legend guy though.

And lastly, Im super amped about going to a gig by a little known band called U2 tomorrow night... its like a dozen christmas's combined. I hope I can sleep tonight.

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“Dorkland Update”

  1. Anonymous adam Says:

    nice pic.

    you don't look the least bit shady. [/sarcasm]

  2. Blogger Rich Says:


    Great to see you up in Auckland - great to talk SS and God. So jealous of your U2 experience - we sat very close, but it's nothing like being in the eclipse. Wow.

    Speak soon.


  3. Blogger Sam Says:

    Thanks Rich, the pleasure was all mine. Not bad that group from Ireland. Be nice to catch another show sometime.