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I spend my days doing stuff for Soul Survivor NZ and my church "Blueprint" in Wellington NZ. I am perplexed, amazed, in awe of, and spend a lot of time thinking about this revolutionary called Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

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Lads, its time to step up. In just a couple of days its movember and like many others from around NZ, I am going to grow a dirty moustache. Or as I affectionately call it, a molestache. So far I know I will be joined by Chris Darnell, Tim Costley, Brook Turner, but I am sure there must be many more guys out there that are up for a month of celibacy, of lady wilderness, and more importantly of RESPECT.

The last time I grew a moustache was for my youth group camp two years ago, and I had long dreadlocks at the time. Make no mistake; dreds and a moustache do not mix. And to date, this is the worst photo I have ever had taken of me. The mo was terrible, and made me something of a social leper. Mums were shuddering as I walked past them in the supermarket, grabbing their children and hiding them away from this seedy looking guy. Even small animals would scurry away in fright. So this round will hopefully be a lot less scary, I think I have hit puberty since then, and I dont have the dreds...The most frightening thing about growing a mo was that it came out with a bit of a ginger tint. I swear I have no ginger in my family, but somehow it had an auburn flavor. Needless to say I was gutted.

Im up for it again, I am not going to let these experiences hinder this month, or even make me a but fearful about what could be. Because I am ALL MAN, and this is more than just a moustache, its a revolution.

I am going to try and give a weekly update with a photo to track the growth of the beast. Please pray that there is no ginger this time.

I need some more MO bros, you up for it? Chez? Stu? Sean? Gareth? Marko? Darryl? Kim? Step up boys.



  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    That photo is horrific. It looks like you should be driving a panel van, with curtains. I think you should do the handlebars thing, and maybe some chops too. That would be cool. Good luck with persuading others to leave style behind for a month. Of course the REAL purpose behind Movember is to raise awareness for prostate cancer...what about a collective trip to the GP instead?


  2. Anonymous stu Mcgregor Says:

    don't do it. for the love of God, don't do it. for the love of humanity, don't do it. don't compromise your ministry. don't compromise my ministry by linking to me.


  3. Blogger Andrew Says:

    One hopes that this effort has better results than your attempt two years ago. But... I'm troubled maybe even offended about the "pray that there is no ginger this time" quip. Although there is now quite a proliferation of grey in my coiffure... the predominant colour is apparently abhorrent to you! Well Sam… beware the ginger ninja!

  4. Blogger marko Says:

    my client, whom you "tag" in this post by the name "marko", has asked my firm to respond to you. he, "marko" currently has a full beard, which includes, i suppose, what you call a "mo". mr. oestreicher (a.k.a "marko") wishes to express his desire to continue in the budding friendship with mr. harvey. however, it will not be possible for mr. oestreicher to shave off his beard, leaving only the "mo", at this time (or, quite frankly, and quite possibly, ever). he sends his sincerest regrets and something about a "shoutout to my homie" or some other useless gutter slang.

    we consider this issue resolved at this time. should you need further assistance, or advice on your own misguided plan for a "mo", please do feel free to contact us at our office.

    the law offices of percy snivly, esq.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    YES!!!! I missed the last time everyone grew a mo, my powers of hair growth shall indeed join in this noble cause.
    I will be there by your side also with a ginger tinted mo. I'm letting you know now, I shall smite you Sam Harvey!
    Maybe I'll put a picture of Rob McLay up in my room for inspiration...

    Rob Munro

  6. Blogger the ROCK says Says:

    Hahahaha.... that is truely a horrible, horrible picture of you bro.... hahahahaha.... why would you ever put that on the internet for everyone to see....hahahahaha.... I don't know what 'MOvember' is all about but as Agrippa (I think) told Paul, 'I am almost persuaded'.... I need more information... especially now I've seen your photo...hahahaha

  7. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    Mate I'm tempted, give me 24 hours to think about. Have to check the forecast for wife-finding potential over the next month ;)

  8. Blogger Sam Says:

    An update. We have a definite from Peter Harvey, Rob Munro, and a maybe from Chez and Sean, which will change to a yes as they spend time seeking the Lord and discover the call to grow the mo.
    Stu was born and bred in Auckland, and so I will forgive his lack of participation. I am hoping marko will use his very influential position and influence to raise the profile of MOvember, even if already has a Mo of sorts on his hairy face. Dont be shy to post a comment to let the crew know if you are in...

  9. Blogger Ninja Steps Says:

    hahaha. that pic is dirrrrty! I found our pic from splinter camp lol. Um yeah i spose so... For what i can grow! Ma take me a month to get a few hairs lol!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    naomi's just jealous.

    or is she?

  11. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Pedro Harvey Says: I'm in... but it won't be pretty.

  12. Blogger em Says:

    Is this a revolution or a revulsion? ;-) I think you got your words confused...

  13. Blogger A. J. Chesswas Says:

    Mate I'm in...

  14. Blogger Sam Says:

    chez, I am proud of ya mate... game on