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A white trash road trip

Its very nice to be up in Omaha beach north of Auckland with a bunch of mates to take a week to chill before the U2 concert at the end of the week. It feels like its being a long while since stopping.
Its being a mans man trip so far. A quick visit to buy some bait at the local fish and hunting store saw us walk out with a couple of air rifles and a machete as an impulse buy. Very rock and roll. Spot the numbers of weapons and murderous tools in the photo below. Very cool. Actually the whole trip has a very nice white trash feel with every guy sporting a slug of a mo, lots of fishing, guns, aviator sunglasses, and a lot of meat on the BBQ. All we are missing is the moonshine.
Im amped about U2, its seems surreal that it is going to happen. Im sure it will be one of those gigs that will go down in history, I would argue its worth selling your firstborn, or a non-essential limb. Thankfully all that was required was for me and my mate Sam Bartos (who caught a nice little snapper today) to camp out all night late last year, and here we are.
And yes we are behaving with our new air rifles (that shoot pellets at 850 feet per second). Kinda...

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“A white trash road trip”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

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  2. Anonymous Nate Coleman Says:

    Hey Mate,
    That is one big dirty slug, good work, but I got myself a bright nice white mohawk at the mo so am getting some great stares down Canary Wharf also scored a new longboard and ride that to work in my suit, good times.
    Have a blast at U2 and try not to get shot at next time you go too far out west remember your "special sandboarding" place.
    Nate Coleman

  3. Anonymous E. Says:

    See you in the crowd brother... Where we are all as one.

  4. Anonymous Naomi Says:

    You need to have some animal pelts in the back of the van to complete the look.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hah awesome!! What better way to holiday than to buy weapons, shoot stuff, eat meat and finish with a bit of U2 =D Hope you guys have a wicked time!! Can't wait to hear the stories when you are back.


    P.S If you look closely I rekin Robs a dead ringer for one of the Mario bros....