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The theology of Movember

And so it begins. Day one of MOvemeber, and it is set to be a stunner with a huge contingent up for it. You may notice that there is a bit of a shadow on my face already. Well that is because I forgot to shave last night before the big month, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that this will be the perfect foundation from which to launch the molestache. I am even thinking about going for the handle bars, but will wait for a good weeks worth of growth before I decide on that one.

I have being thinking about the spirituality of movemeber... and before you jump to the conclusion there has being too much wacky backy floating around the water supply in kapiti, hear me out. My theory is that most of the time I am wwaaayyyy too serious, and rightly so in most cases with a lot of the crap in the world, not to mention the church as we know it to get bugged about (and to blog about!). But at the end of the day, life is to short to be serious all the time, and I don't want to be part of any church movement that cant have a good long laugh at itself.
And so opportunities like movember are a God given gift where someone like me (and about half of NZ) can grow a bit of stupid hair, look like an idiot, and join a bunch of mates who are equally foolish to do this little adventure. My mo has produced a bit of joy in my heart, and hopefully my mates as well as complete strangers will get a good laugh out of it. And if there is anything we need in the world today, its a bit more joy.

What I love about Soul Survivor is the stated value that we "take God very seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously". As you can imagine this has meant that Soul Survivor has got in a bit of trouble from time to time when shanadigans get out of hand. But I would far rather be part of a group that gets in trouble from time to time because the fun went a wee bit too far (mmm, or in my history... way too far but that is a story for another time)... than part of a boring, rule driven group that is lame and dull and is no flipping fun to hang around. So if you are at the festival in January, come prepared...

Game on folks

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“The theology of Movember”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Good on you Sam. There's this song I have been listening to at the moment and the lyrics are:

    "You wanna jump and dance, but you sat on your hands and missed your only chance".

    When I heard it it made me feel like I have been spending way too long sitting on my hands - metaphorically and literally. Stuff that! I rebuke the shame and embarrassment that I feel when I act like an idiot. Here's to a month of being unashamed to be an overexcited, easily amused spastic.


  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    some times i feel like i'm naked, and then i realise that i am naked and everythings ok, everything.


  3. Blogger P-Style Says:

    Sam Harvey,

    I had no idea you was on the Blogsphere. . . I guess I'll see you tonight at BP.

    BTW: I'm starting with the full beard, and we will see what transpires.

    Phill Smith
    AKA Pstyle

  4. Anonymous Victoria Says:

    I just posted a story on NowPublic about Movember and would love to see your philosophy about it on our site.

    Any chance you'd be into sharing this with our members?

    Here is the url:




  5. Blogger Sir H C Llenrad Says:

    You cheating? Starting the month with something you prepared earlier?

    I'll say it here in public. I started the month as smooth as a baby's bowling ball.

  6. Blogger Sam Says:

    My apologies chris... it was not a planned scheme to have a head start on everyone, by the time I realised movember had started, it was well into the day, and I decided to run with it.
    However I would like to make note of your use of the term "as smooth as a babies bowling ball". I am slightly confused and concerned as to what you mean here, especially as you are an Anglican Youth Pastor who hangs around young people all the time. Please explain.