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Blog World

There have being a some absolutely stunning posts by some of the crew, especially today.
Firstly, a huge shout out to Matt Parlane who has entered the blogging world, and has made my week, not just with his beautiful post on faith, but with his sterling effort on the mo.
Secondly Marko with a great honest call about cutting back on his speaking engagements. What a great model to imitate. I have being thinking about this post a lot today as I reflect on growing up in a home with a Dad as a church minister. And while dads pressures are very small compared to Markos, I am all about quantity and quality time with my old man, and missed dad a lot when he was away, and was stoked when we got to charge around together. Onya Marko!
Andrew Jones with a deeply moving honest reflection on some of his experiences growing up in the midst of some fairly gnarly times for his family, written in light of the whole Ted Haggard blowout.
Scot McKnight wrote some very inspiring stuff on why we blog and write. This blog, as well as the many conversations had during the course of this year have being sources of huge encouragement as well as challenge for me. I am very stoked I get to live in an age where we can have such constructive dialogue, and where communication is so easy.

And for those wondering if my life is spent in front of a computer trawling blog sites, sorry. My secret is this great little thing called a blog reader. I use the google one, there are heaps out there. Useful little thing that means I get to have the pleasure of reading blogs when they are updated, and means I dont have to trawl through them to see which ones have being updated with something decent. To let you in on a little secret, Im a wannbe geek, but I really suck at being one, and so if anyone knows better ways of doing this, please let me know. And also if you know how to make my blog look sexy, I will be stoked, coz I am not that sort of geek yet.


“Blog World”

  1. Blogger P-Style Says:

    BlogReader you say . . . . Thanks for the tip.

    BTW: Sam, any chance you could post a link tot he Campolo quote you mentioned about hating one's own sin etc. . .