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Soul Survivor

The Soul Survivor Website is now fully updated and looking damm fine... Chris Darnell, one of the key guys for NZ spent countless hours doing the whole thing in his spare time. What a legend.
It has being incredible to see how many people have given there time and finance to support the Soul Survivor movement as it begins here in NZ. Aside from the HUGE hours that the core team have put in, there have being so many incredibly generous moments.
Alpha NZ have supported me financially two days a week, given me an office. People have anyomously given money at just the right time so we could print our posters and registration forms. There is a couple that give me 40 a week to help with my petrol costs. Nikki Smith who works for a production outfit in wellington spent hours upon hours after work making our introduction dvd for nothing but a hug! Last weekend a young guy who wants to remain anonymous said that he was going to be recieving a nice pay out from a drug trial that he is on. This human lab rat wants to use that money to underwrite a particular part of our festival in January. Just yesterday I was at an awesome church on the Kapiti Coast. They barely have a young person at the church, but are so keen to support finacially and through prayer the Soul Survivor movement, they are so excited!!
It certainly hasn't being roses for everyone involved in launching this thing, its being freaken tough most of the time. But these acts of generosity have completely blown me away, there are some beautiful people out there, and the world is a better place because of them.

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“Soul Survivor”

  1. Blogger em Says:

    Hey - that's great to hear how many people have sacrificially given bits of their lives to be involved. Very cool! :-) Looking forward to hopefully getting to be there for at least part of the event!

  2. Anonymous Neal T. Says:

    Hey fantastic stuff happening there mate!

    Went to look at the videos and they failed saying they couldn't be found!

    Will try them again later!