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The Social Justice Trend

Interesting post by Dan Kimble on the rising popularity of Social Action, justice etc. I posted a reply because it grated a wee bit, but I had to let it sit with me for a few days to work out why, if you rummage round you may find it. But sesh, Dan Kimble is a bit of a guru, so it feels like posting a comment on one of the gospels or something... well... not quite but you get my drift...

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“The Social Justice Trend”

  1. Blogger em Says:

    I need to get back to New Zealand... social justice at its best.

  2. Anonymous Ben Johnson-Frow Says:

    mate, good comment on the Kimball post. I read in the paper the other day that it has become "trendy" to mock Celebrities who try and raise awareness/funds/etc for a good cause and that blog seemed to be joining to that trend. I'm sure most of the criticism comes from people who previously were moaning that no-one does anything in the area of Social Justice, and then when people try to make a difference people knock them, mock them, or doubt their sincerity! Maybe God is doing a new thing, maybe he's stiring the hearts of churches, celebs, and ordinary people across the world. Maybe he is opening the eyes of our heart to see Jesus once again. Maybe we should just be stoked and say "thank you God" and thank you to all those who have allowed Him to soften their hearts. I'm sure that that would be the response of those in need who are being helped.

  3. Blogger Gareth Bezett Says:

    I think this is similar to Jehovah's Witnesses getting grumpy with mainstream Christians doorknocking. Your comment was spot on.

  4. Blogger Gareth Bezett Says:

    PS welcome to the blogsphere.

  5. Blogger Huggies Says:

    people keep telling me there's this new blog. so i came to visit and see what was so fabulous about it.

    obviously it's a little unfair to judge it after only 3 posts, so perhaps i'll come visit later.

    we have a nice little blog community of all-sainters (hataitai), so nice to see karori coming to the party.

    mind if i link to ya?

  6. Blogger Gareth Bezett Says:

    I'm not sure if Sam considers himself as Karori still and even if he does, I'm not sure I want to be lumped together with him.

  7. Blogger Sam Says:

    Ben, mate, I totally agree with you. Since posting that on his blog I have realised that there are probably contextual things, things in the states are obviously very diffrent to thigns here. But that was what suprised me. In many ways NZ needs to catch, and if we got to the point that is sounds like they are at in the states, surely we should just be so stoked, like jumping for Joy type of stoke. And can you imagine if the social justice thing (held together with passionate worship etc) spread across all churches??? The world wouldnt be the same... (ok time for me to calm down... take a deep breath...)

  8. Blogger em Says:

    OK, so I took some time to actually read the article (not scan) and posted a comment.

    I guess the crux for me is this: Is the Church's purpose to foster growth in people who are transformed (believers) and provide venues for service or to gather together un-transformed people and help them do "Christian things" by having a strong culture that attracts people to buying into whatever is going on at the moment??

    I wouldn't say the Church in the states is very into social justice. Granted, a vintage clothing store with monetary benefit to the poor is an interesting idea. But, if this value for "loving the helpless" is not exhibited in how I work, drive, go to uni, interact with my family, etc... is that value real or is it just a product of cultural gravity, pulling me along, making me agreeable to the concept of a helpful vintage shop?

    This is a good conversation, but it would be better-tackled in person, mostl-likely. Thanks for sharing Sam.

  9. Blogger Huggies Says:

    fine, don't answer my question. see if i care.

    i blame gareth.

  10. Blogger Sam Says:

    Hey huggies!! Sorry for not replying to your question! Of course you can link me :) Keep on rockin