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A word of encouragment

I love my mates. After sending an email out to inform the crew that the best blog since paul wrote to the Ephesians was off the ground, I received a bunch of emails that just kept me cracking up all afternoon. For those that don't know these guys, they are not being mean, just giving me some well deserved grief!! I love it. A sampling of the comments:

Elliot: You're a blog (Nice, tight, and to the point)
Chris: Man you are soo all about the fame harvey. (Only good mates could give you crap like this!)
Jonny: I feel its missing something. A photo of yourself in a black suit, colored lights behind, and a colored shirt with the collar out should do it. (Mmmm, must organise a photo shoot)
Becs: Ha! I just tried to go see your blog and the computer wouldn't let me because it is, and I quote, "a high porn public site" classic! (Ok... dont quite know what becs typed in, but I thought things have being fairly clean so far...)
Marko: I added you to my blog reader so I can see all your pithy (and inane) thoughts! (Again, just charming!!!)
Dave: Deep as a puddle.....Deep. (Ohhhhh... he got me)

As well as a bunch of others, and some nice comments on the first post...

So this post is to say "I love you" to all those that have given me some grief. And no, Im not going to sink to your level. I am a bigger man than that. But I do want to remind everyone that I have being working out, my muscles are getting a lot bigger, and so when I see you next, I will not be afraid to open a can of whoopass... you have being warned...

And for all those that thought about giving me some jib, but refrained, feel free to post here to get it out of your system. I can take it. I dont cry myself to sleep... i dont.... seriously...


“A word of encouragment”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    well it just goes to show what people think of your site.........NO COMMENTS!! /appart from this one to tell you what i think! -take that and get that can of whoopass ready.see ya friday, if you bother turning up!! :-)