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Sounds just like Boyzone...

Ok firstly, big shout out to my mate Stu, especially for the tags he put on his latest blog post. Im deeply touched :) If people want a decent blog to look at, go to his. And this isnt a bad attempt at false humility, the guy genuinely has got his head screwed on, and when he gets warmed up on a particular topic, you wont find a better blogger. I mean he blogs about stuff that I think should be in a book, not in a blog. Like this post...

I have being thinking about why on earth I have a blog, in fact why anyone has one. I mean, its pretty arrogant to presume I have anything meaningful to contribute. But then I was talking to a mate about music yesterday, and about how much awesome music there is out there. And we were doing the whole "introduce each other to phat music we hadnt heard before". And there is a bunch of amazing tunes out there to discover. And then it hit me. This is kinda why I want to write this blog. Because my contribution, even if it sounds like a cat getting swung round by its tail, then thrown into a bag of babies, is still one that is valid. And it is my attempt to have some good yarns with some mates, as well as people that dont know me personally, about some of the stuff of life, and especially what it means for us to follow Jesus in this crazy world. Anyway rest assured that I will eventually move on from talking about bloging about stuff, and will wind up posting something to get stuck into in the near future. Im off to an all weekend meeting with most of the Soul Survivor crew from NZ. Me and meetings dont gel, my poor little brain starts going mental after a while, and it is crunch time for the whole thing as we head to our first festival, so im picking its not going to be the chilled out affair it usually is. Bring it on...


“Sounds just like Boyzone...”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hm a valid one?? that is a cat in a bag of babies? do you really think anyones ontribution is valid? or just like "your own truth is valid to you because it is your truth"? hmmm and surfice to say your first blog said you would change your mind and disagree with most of the stuff you say at a later date.does this mean that the initial or latter stuff is the valid contribution?

    either way im listening and love the contribution!! :-)

    sorry to those that posted a comment to my comment in the first bog(or 2nd)oops BLOG. i have not been near a cp (blog inputer. bi?) for a couple of weeks. so dant ake it to heart iw ill just throw some comments out when able :-)

  2. Anonymous dan moore Says:

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