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Im not addicted.... seriously...

The last week has done nothing for my addiction to coffee. The weekend saw the brains of the SSNZ outfit coming together to talk turkey. This meant relatively long days, and what I would strongly contend are early starts (9am). What person involved in youth ministry gets up at 8am??? Its the middle of the freaken night for crying out loud. My poor body was very angry at me, and rightly so.
This meant a lot of coffee was consumed. The weekend was amazing, we have ninjas like Andrew Galloway doing production, Jon Cumming looking after our site managment, Scottie Reeves looking after the entertainment and after hours program. These are huge jobs being our first festival and all. The photo below is one of the few times we managed to stay on task and actually talk turkey. Trust me, thing quickly descend into carnage with the crew there.

I have just returned from a couple of days in Palmerston North and Feilding chewing the fat with a bunch of awesome youth workers. Big ups to Peter at Central Baptist, Graeme at the Pressy church and Karen at All Saints. The Fielding youth workers blew my socks off today, what a neat bunch of guys all working together. I wound up having a yarn about Soul Survivor to the youth group at the Bible Chapel and at Lifeway . It looks like every major church is really keen to support the Soul Survivor movement, the guys doing youth work there are just legends. But again, there was a lot of coffee. I mean a lot... still coming down off the high. The whole festival in January looks like it is going to go off, and what other place would you want to have a festival other than wonderful feilding...

Off to Wellington tomorow for meetings with some of the Soul Survivor guys, and to yarn with some peeps about some camps im speaking at over the next month. Another three days of meetings, and coffee. Helping with worship at church tomorow night, speaking at Blueprint on Saturday night doing the big Soul Survivor launch there, spending some time with Gateway Christian fellowship on Sunday morning. Sunday lunchtime I will collapse in a heap, and try and wean myself off the addictive brown stuff...
Rock on


“Im not addicted.... seriously...”

  1. Blogger Gareth Bezett Says:

    You talk about coffee addiction as if it's a bad thing. You just need your priorities straight, which I assume you have. Here are mine: Jesus, Coffee, my wife.

  2. Blogger Sam Says:

    Hehehe, very nice mate... I hope tracy doesnt read blogs.

  3. Blogger em Says:

    Sammy-boy: When is the Soul Survivor event? I'm thinking about heading down to NZ over the holidays again. Might I be around during the event???

    Keep the coffee flowing...

  4. Anonymous Tracey Says:

    I do read blogs, Gareth is in trouble.

  5. Blogger microboss Says:

    I'm very concerned about the male-dominated photo of the SS meeting! Is there no beauty on the team?? Coffee is only an issue when you are peeing the stuff.It can happen ....