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The Wall

It looks like a great weekend ahead, ive got my flat warming (rockstar theme - I might just come as myself - hahahahahahahaha) a Soul Active event with the incredible guys from Churton Park serving their community, im going to Hutt City New Life to share, and then to Blueprint to speak at our night service.
So ive taken today to retreat from Wellington and spend some time writing the three talks for the weekend and as per normal I find myself before this incredibly frustrating wall where I have all this stuff bubbling around inside and it is just such a mission to get it out on paper.
Anyway, we battle on. Im going to be sharing a bit on some reflections on the relationship and interaction between worship and justice (not that you can really separate them at all - though I would contend we have somewhat) which are values that we really try and outwork within the Soul Survivor community. And for our Blueprint community I going to be speaking from Luke 17:11. Im really excited about the title of the message: "what leper are you?"

Havent posted a photo or anything like for ages on here so here is a random one from Singapore last week. Eating some Satay very late at night

“The Wall”