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I have inherited a love for all things gadgety from my dad (who cant go a couple of weeks without some new toy). In Singapore there are some amazing places to buy geeky toys, my favourite being Sim Lim Square - a mall that has about 7 stories of electronic stalls where you have to barter to get the best deal.
Anyway, ive being meaning to buy some new headphones for the last while, and managed to pick up some in-ear Shure E2C s for an absolute steal. Im very happy, especially as they are very good at sound isolation and have a crystal clear sound. For a person who is half extrovert, half introvert and something of an audiophile, it is like a personal cave that I can carry around with me and jump into whenever I need some space or to work. Plus they are a cool new toy : )


  1. Blogger Timmy Cleary Says:

    i want some...