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Keep Smiling

Thanks for the comments in the last post.

In most of the conversations I am having at the moment, it seems like this time of year is frantically busy, a bit overwhelming, and most of us are feeling pretty wasted. Its being a long winter, discouragement is rife, people are hurting. Who isnt feeling tired?

But there will be a new day, summer is on its way, new stories and adventures await. We will be able to chill out sometime soon... and so lets take off our pessimistic pants, and put on the happy optimistic pants and hope for tomorrow.
And so in that vein here is a song we would do well to spend time contemplating on. Let the words soak into the deep places of your soul.
And my apologies for the "S" bomb in the song... kinda...

And yes, you can have a cracker with this cheesy post... : )

“Keep Smiling”

  1. Anonymous Ben Says:

    Hooray! From today onwards (until my wife asks me to remove them) I shall be wearing my hotpants of joy! (sorry if that provoked a mental picture).
    In all seriousness though, this is defintly a tough time for many people. For some reason though the nice weather recently does just seem to make a difference. Roll on the sunshine...goodtimes...and boogie!