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Countries Visited

Found this cool little tool that shows the countries you have being to, found it a bit discouraging because I thought that I had being to a few but turns out I haven't really scratched the surface. Its insanse when I look at this and realise that somehow I have had the privledge of seeing a bunch of the world by the age of 25, and yet its not like my parents are wealthy, my dad works for the church! I dont really know how all this stuff came together.
The cool thing about visiting a country is that it is an automatic story for each one. Like the time in Brazil having a gun held to my head by the local police (longer story than I can be bothered writing about here), or the time in Tonga when I got up to speak in front of a High School and completely froze - possum in the head lights style - and eventually had to be guided off the stage by another dude in the group travelling with us etc etc. So Ive visited 18 Countries which equals about 8% of the possible countries I could visit. (and actually being to them, not sat in an airport between flights). Im super keen to see more of Africa, and more of Asia in the future... hopefully.

create your own visited country map

Bunch of rants and raves that have being brewing around which should make there way to the blog sometime soon, and post two on the "Characteristics to Nurture in a Jesus Follower" is on its way, this was post one.

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“Countries Visited”

  1. Anonymous rach Says:

    sam - just saw this blog and i'm sitting here have a silent giggle to myself remembering your story of being lead off the stage...it gives many a young preacher hope!! It makes me feel squeemish just thinking about it!! thanks for the giggle.