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Auckland Visit

I've being hanging in Auckland since monday catching up with old BCNZ mates, visiting different peeps for Soul Survivor.

Two photos that have a story:

Stu McGregor, one the the most respected writers and commentators in my circle of friends during "Agony Aunt", a weekly tough questions session with his youth group. Seeing Stu put on the Agony Aunt hat and have to answer some very curly questions was highly enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. And the questions? Is Masturbation wrong? Is dating a non-christian bad? And; who is more holy, NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? I had to get up after that and speak. Thanks Stu

And though this is a murky photo, it was a beautiful moment on Tuesday night as myself, dave and his wife mili sat outside on the deck surrounded by native forest and clear skies, cranked a pink floyd dvd on the big screen and soaked up the mellow vibes.

Lots of great conversations happening, off today to spend time with Rich Johnson and the guys from FreeSet. Im learning heaps from spending time with such amazing people, we are blessed here in NZ to have such a huge number of highly underated very approachable guru's.

Time to battle some traffic

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“Auckland Visit”