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As Promised

Firstly thanks for Chez for his post, my apologies for not allowing comments... that was indeed a bit cheeky but I appreciate his honesty. Both Chez and Phil have posts in relation to the one I posted, and you can comment there.

As promised last in my talk at blueprint and again in feilding last night, here is the talk by S.M. Lockridge that I quoted. I want to be a black preacher...

This will be a bit strong for some of my mates that read this who don't quite have the same world view as me when it comes to the person of Jesus, but you have put up with me ranting on for so long now I figure you can let this one slide (yet again).
Coming on the heals of my post on homosexuality it feels a bit American fundamentalist for my liking, but as this guy explains something of the character of God I would want to highlight the words "His mercy is everlasting....His love never changes....His word is enough....His grace is sufficient.... His yoke is easy, and his burden is light".
We Christians have a reputation for being very judgemental, what I see in the person of Jesus is extraordinary grace to those who are hurting, and for those that are on the fringes. I for one am still struggling to believe that this grace could be for someone like me... but im getting there slowly. That's my King.
May we one day have a reputation as people of unconditional love and reckless grace.

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“As Promised”

  1. Blogger the ROCK says Says:

    I like that term....'reckless grace'.... I'll use that if it's OK with you...

  2. Blogger Angry and Shallow Says:

    Mate the comments made many on this subject are way out of line. For too long homosexuals have been attacked by christians. I admire the fact that you speak up....keep it up!