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Good Times

Singapore was very cool, its geek heaven with a bunch of great technology markets. And the food rocks. However the most exciting part of the trip was landing in Wellington. We hit some absolutely crazy turbulence, people were screaming, the plane was thrown round like a pinball, and they had to abort the first landing attempt. Awesome stuff. I have clocked up some air miles in my 25 years on this planet, and have ticked off every continent bar one, and this was the worst turbulence have ever experienced. I wanted to kiss the tarmac when I got off the plane.

One of the interesting things I noticed about Singapore is the way that the different religions seem to co-exist with very little problem. I talked with a lot of the taxi drivers (who were predominately Buddhist) about this and they were all very proud of this fact. It was so enjoyable to go into these sorts of conversations just wanting to learn and to hear about these different faiths and their worldviews, although my old pastor from St Marys made a classic blunder in the taxi when he asked the driver "so are you a believer?"... hehehe of course he is, just not in what we believe... it was cool to sit down with a Buddhist prophet from a local temple (pictured above) and have a drink. It made me aware of how little I dialogue with people of different faiths here in NZ (unless you count agnostism or athetism a faith, which I suppose it is).

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“Good Times”

  1. Blogger Andrew Says:

    One time when trying to land at Wellington it was so rough that just a few feet short of touchdown (as we were flying sideways) the pilot aborted the landing and took us to Auckland. We waited up there for a few hours and then had go through it all again. I had bruises on my arm in the shape of my flying companion's fingerprints where she had gripped so hard in terror!