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Run Fat Harvey Run

So its time I threw it out there, put my pride on the line, lose what little dignity I have left.  Ive started running (well started for about the fourth time in my life, i dont have a great track record... hahahaha track), and plan to do a half marathon on December 13th in beautiful wangavegas  ; )  Its going to be great, all my brothers and sisters, and one of my closest childhood friends are also going to do the race.  

I realised a couple of months ago that it has being ages since I put a challenge down and tried to go for it.  I was (and still am) incredibly unfit, and with living in Wellys, church life etc, my surfing has pretty much stopped for the winter months.  So I have being doing absolutely nothing on the exercise front for ages and ages.  Shocker.  And so the combination of watching "Run Fat Boy Run" (cracker film!) and a long walk the next day chatting with God got me motivated to change some habits (actually it was a really deep moment where I wrote lots of stuff about who I want to become... one of those watershed moments).  
And so the last six weeks or so I have being getting out of bed early most working days and going for a run or doing some form of exercise to start the day.  And honestly, its changed so much of my day.  I am working better - a lot more productive and foccused, Ive got an hour every morning to have breakfast and read before hitting work, Im sleeping better, my mental health is better.  I am surprised by how much its changed things.  

The primary reason im trying to run is that I am over being quite an undisciplined person - the fitness stuff really is an added bonus.  The movie Run Fat Boy Run actually has some amazing moments in it regarding "the wall" that you hit when you run.  And Will Smith harped on at one point about how "if you can beat that little man in your head telling you to stop or take a break while running, you can do anything".  I want to be a person who has perseverance, who hangs in there when it gets tough and I want to quit.  It has certainly being a battle every single morning... the temptation not to just roll over and go back to bed and stay warm, particularly if its wet and cold outside is intense.  Im not a "morning person".  But shesh it has being so good to hang in there with it.  I would love this to become a habit, but I reckon the whole "it takes a month to make a habit" line is a bunch of crock.  If im still doing this same time next year I might begin to think its a habit...  

All I need is an assistant coach... anyone keen to be my "indian with a spatula" out there?

“Run Fat Harvey Run”

  1. Anonymous Ezra Says:

    Here's your spatula Mr. Harvey - http://www.whac.org.nz/. Just like life: if you don't have an Indian with a spatula you'll last about 5 minutes.

    Will Smith has his entourage of personal trainers - what do you have? ;)

  2. Blogger Debs Says:

    Well done Sam im very proud of you. I know how hard it is to start let along stick with it. Im doing another Triathlon in January but need to find a smaller goal before then. Keep up the hard but wonderfully rewarding work that is exercise. Debs xoxoxs